Choosing a Sworn Translator

Once you’ve decided that you need to hire someone for Spanish-English translations, or English-Spanish translations, the next step is choosing who to hire. While freelance translators are widely available, a sworn translator should be the choice whenever a document contains important information that must be accurately translated.

Many professional companies such as Austri Solutions can provide professional translation services for simple legal documents such as a marriage certificate, to more in-depth and detailed long form documents that contain a great deal of information.


The first step in choosing a sworn translator is checking their credentials. It is not enough to be able to translate a word or sentence from Spanish to English or vice versa. Translation requires knowing the differences in dialect, and meanings or words and phrases, which can vary greatly within a language based on culture and the location where the original document was written. Be sure that the company or individual has the proper legal credentials and training.

Quality Control

A professional translation company should have a system in place to check for quality. This usually involves having the work of the sworn translator reviewed by another certified professional in the company – checking for mistakes to ensure a higher degree of accuracy.


When hiring a company to perform quality translations, check to see if they have experience for the type of document you need translated. If a company usually translates literature or personal writing, they won’t have the expertise to translate a legal court document. However many companies provide a variety of services. Choose the one that is qualified for your purposes.


Pricing for translation services can vary from company to company. While a freelance translator may be less expensive, they may not have the proper credentials, and even if they do they likely do not have a second translator to double check their work. The cheapest price is not always the best option. Ask the company for a quote before the project begins. In many cases it is best to pay by the word as opposed to an hourly rate. Be prepared to negotiate, especially if you will be a repeat client.


A great way to check the professionalism and record of a company is to check references. Previous clients can provide insight into how their own project was handled and whether the result was accurate.