Should I Hire a Professional or Freelance Translator?

Professional translators perform a variety of services for individuals and companies, ranging from translating small documents to lengthy instruction manuals. They may be certified to provide sworn translations or trained for specialties such as technical document translation. However the choice to hire a professional translator or a non-professional who does not have training and certification likely depends on the importance of the document.

Documents that commonly require the services of an English-Spanish translator or Spanish-English translator include birth and marriage certificates, legal court documents, and technical documents. A company such as Austri Solutions provides these services as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

There are also many non-professional translators and interpreters available online, however there are several factors to consider before choosing to hire a non-professional translator or a professional company.

Document Importance

If the translation is a simple, unimportant letter or message that will hold no real consequence if misinterpreted then it may not be necessary to hire a professional company. However, if the document involves any legal matter, such as your record of birth or marriage, or if the document contains technical information that must be properly conveyed, a professional translator should be your only option.

Legal Acceptance

In most countries it is mandatory that legal documents are certified or sworn when translated. Hiring an individual that is not properly certified or who cannot provide a sworn translation for such documents is a waste of time and money. You will have to do it again. Hiring a professional company that has quality control checks and certification saves time and money.

Continuous and Simultaneous Interpretation

We’ve all seen those movies where the interpreter purposely translates information incorrectly – leaving the characters with stunned or disgusted or even angry expressions on their faces. This can happen in real life with inexperienced interpreters. Taking a chance in this regard with unproven or inexperienced interpreters can have dire consequences professionally or personally. In terms of business it is easy to imagine the disaster that could ensue if a multi-million dollar business meeting is misinterpreted.

If it’s a legal document or communication of any kind holds any significance, hire a professional translator or an interpreter.