The Benefits of Hiring a Sworn Translator

The translation of important documents should be handled by a professional for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, hiring a sworn translator ensures that the professional has had training to provide sworn documents, and it improves the chances that the document will be accepted by the governing body where it is submitted.

While sworn translations are not always required for all documents, professional companies handle all translations with equal importance and accuracy. There are many benefits to contracting the services of a company like Austri Solutions, one that offers the professional services of a sworn translator.

Legal Recognition

A document that is translated by an individual or company that does not offer certified services cannot ensure that the translation will be legally recognized. To hire a non-certified translator is a waste of money as it will be necessary to have documents translated again in order to be accepted in the new country.


In order to ensure that documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates and other legal documents are accurately translated, and that the meaning of any message contained in such documents is properly represented in the new language, there is no room for mistakes.

Online translation software or non-certified translators do not have the training required to ensure that sensitive legal information is accurately translated, taking into account language nuances, dialect, and culture that can alter the meaning of words or phrases depending on where the original document was created. A professional, sworn translator will capture this information correctly in the translation.

Document Safety

Generally the documents that require translating are personal, or require discretion to some degree. They may be important business documents or court records. Hiring a professional company will help to ensure the safety and discretion one should expect. Identity theft is a major global issue and a sworn translator has been trained to handle your documents with respect and privacy.

A small investment in a legally, and accurately translated document offers peace of mind when transferring important information from one language to another. It’s not worth the risk to make a mistake that could have serious consequences if interpreted incorrectly. Hire a professional for professional results.