The Science behind a Technical Translator

If you have ever read a science book or a user’s manual that was originally written in another language – chances are that it was translated into English (or your language) by a technical translator. These professionals specialize in the translation of documents written by technical writers. The information is generally practical and scientific or technology related. Unlike literature translations, technical translations require a different type of language expertise and knowledge.

Professional translation companies such as Austri Solutions specialize in several types of translation services, including technical translations between English, Spanish and Portuguese. Any technical document is translated by a specially trained translator, knowledgeable in the style, subject, terminology, and writing practices used in this type of document creation and translation.

Types of Technical Documents

Technical translations can be performed for almost any type of technical document including user manuals, guides, safety documents, patents, various reports, instructions for installation, data, training manuals, and service records. The importance of accuracy in these documents can mean the difference between life and death for the individual following procedures set out within. This makes it extremely important for this type of translation to be completed by a highly trained translator. Imagine using a piece of heavy equipment or factory machinery for the first time with the help of an improperly translated user’s manual – the outcome could be devastating and result in loss of limb or loss of life.

Technical Industries

Many different industries require the professional translation of documents including those created by, and for, engineers (electronic, electrical, mechanical, and civil), chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, medical, pharmacological, energy, and technology sectors, as well as end users.


Technical language varies from industry to industry. In order to ensure accurate translations and to ensure the target audience will be able to comprehend the translated document, it is important that the translator understands the language and industry and how they relate. Professionally trained technical document translators are invaluable to every industry that relies on the written word in any capacity.


Some companies, such as Austri Solutions, specialize in the translation between English, Spanish and Portuguese. In their technical translation department they also specialize within certain technological industries – namely the energy, biomedical, and pharmacological fields. This type of specialization provides clients with a higher degree of specialization and professionalism.

The science behind this specialized field of translation is technical in nature, but true professionals also understand the language nuances of industry and how the correct terminology can make all the difference in properly understanding information or being left even more confused. A technical translator is the key to understanding information.